Network Attached Storage (NAS) support for non local folders

Problem: Folder locations for Zwift are currently restricted to local drives and destination is hardcoded (My Documents), therefore anyone running a home NAS type solution where the ‘My Doucments’ path is not local (e.g. either mapped to a drive, or using a UNC path) will constantly get an ZL04 error when logging in.

Ask: This feature request is to allow users (customers) the option to chose the folder location during and/or post the installation (maybe via the launcher or a xml file).

Current experience: On initialisation of the Zwift application the impacted users are presented with a pop up error screen stating that an Z104 error has occurred, advising them to check support (note the support link is not specific to the error), users can click ‘Yes’ to open a browser or they can click ‘No’ to retry… after several attempts and error pop ups the application attempts to start.

Resulting issue: Application does not always start (personally i get a 1 in 4 success rate), no further error is provided and the user is dumped back to their desktop.

Workaround: Documented workaround [Support Page] does not work