Neosmart 2T device defaults

I just discovered that my firmware was out of date and got the Tacx utility on my phone to do the update. I then saw the device settings where is says default weight is 70 Kg and FTMS has no way to update this.
I connect to zwift through my PC and bluetooth so I believe I use FTMS.

Does this mean my settings have been wrong all this time and my data is incorrect (wattage, speed, etc)? I weigh 90Kg. I am surprised I have never seen anything about this in the setup of my trainer with zwift. I just plugged it in and it connected without issues so never thought to look into device specific settings.

Can someone advise if I should indeed update the default body weight and bike weight?

I think the settings in the Tacx app only affect your rides in the Tacx Training App not on Zwift. I’ve never changed the settings in Tacx app, only in Zwift and all is fine here.

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Thanks. Makes sense.

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