Neo / Drafting

(Andrew Jarrod) #1

I’m still pretty new and just managed to get myself to Level 3. I have a few very basic questions regarding Drafting.

  • What % benefit should I get (eg does it reduce resistance by 1%, 5%, 10%) ?  Lets say at 20Mph.
  • Is this benefit progressive or a simple on/off ?
  • Is there anything on-screen that shows me it’s working / what level (%) I’m getting ?

Right now (using a TACX NEO) I can hardly feel a beneift at all following others along the straights at speeds just over 20mph.  So is this very subtle until you reach higher speeds ?

(Mark Hewitt) #2

I’m led to believe - although I couldn’t say for certain, that there is no adjustment in the resistance for smart trainers when drafting. It’s just that your power requirement for a certain speed is reduced - or you go faster for the same power.

(Adam Cutler 9058) #3

in a completely unrelated note, are you the Andrew(UK) from DCrainmaker thread on the Neo? if so hello o/ ill be giving Zwift a whirl on my neo tomorrow night, can compare notes!

(Andrew Jarrod) #4

I am.  Look forward to reading your thoughts over on DC’s comments soon.  

I think the website here isn’t the place to post, looks like Facebook is where everyone’s at.

(Mark Hewitt) #5

Where on facebook is the best place to post then? Rather disappointed this forum is so dead :frowning:

(Stef Levolger) #6

In my personal experience drafting does feel like it gives a slight adjustment on the resistance on my neo. Not much though.

(R agged Edge) #7

Hi Guys.


Very quick unrelated question. Apologies.

Just got my Neo set up and it feels broken. It judders when pedaling like the silver fly wheel is not connecting with something inside! Not a smooth turning motion. Is this normal? 

I got off it right away and didn’t even try to setup software. Once again apologies for the unrelated post but I’m not getting any support this weekend.