Needs for our young riders ( -16 yr)

As a parent and getting FB from my son I think there could be a few things better for them in Zwift:

  • at least a race event according their age (and FTP)
  • some visibility ( special jersey or bike feature, can not be that hard to develop) to encourrage them riding on. They are kids you know :wink:
  • sort of training or academy wich they can join anytime ( for example focus on cadence, duration, smooth pedaling etc)
  • ask a pro-team to take up a role in this to make it even more attractive for our upcoming riders

Agree or comments? Feel happy to leave it here!
Ride on :blush:

I second this. One of the main reasons I’m using Zwift is my current employment location has temps down to -40 most of the winter… not overly conducive to training lol.

I have a couple children that would love to participate in Zwift as well. A few considerations I’d like to see.

  • Family Plan
  • Easy way to quickly switch between family members on the same Family Account
  • Child specific Avatars & Bikes (even a BMX model)
  • Child Specific ages & weights

Personally I think you could tap into a huge market… pretty much the entire northern tier of America. I could also potentially see schools jumping on board if you marketed it correctly.

Thanks again for all the hard work!



Kids 16 and under are FREE.

There is already a popular request to drop the minimum weight for child accounts.

If I remember correctly there is also request for BMX bikes and easier switching of accounts.


Totally agree. My nephew, who is 10 years old, just started getting interested in riding and has started to use his mothers Peloton. But I was thinking that he would have more fun and be more motivated to ride in a more “video gamey” environment like Zwift. The issue being that I don’t think there are enough people his age in the game and it probably would’t be that much fun getting passed by every single person in the game who, with their adult muscles, can put out much more power than he can. So maybe as an addition to the ideas mentioned above add some sort of BoP (balance of performance) to at least put kids on the playing field.
Admittedly, the other issue is the cost. In that right now he doesn’t have a trainer or a compatible bike, both of which aren’t cheap for a young household to buy.

That is excellent! Thanks for the clarity… now to find a trainer that fits 20” BMX’s …anyone have any suggestions?

I thought Elite has one. Thing is : frontwheel will be up to high. So you needto make some adjustement for that; also means that it will be a strange ‘high’ position for the kid. But: it could work just fine

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Perhaps they should put in some Fortnite skins in… earning skins as the spend time en get these as reward. Succes garanteed🙂

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There are 20-24" wheel adapters for many trainers - my son rides his 20" MTB on an older Cycleops trainer with that adapter and it’s great. Totally agree with Xander above about the front wheel being high so there’s a step stool close by. We’ve also used my daughter’s 16" bike on rollers with a fork stand to keep her steady.