Needs a mute or volume control

(Brian McEntire) #1

Completed the longest ride I’ve done yet on a trainer today, thanks to Zwift!

Requesting a mute or volume control though. I have a 10’ projection screen. Plenty of room for Zwift to feel immersive and still watch a movie on the other half. But if I’m mainly spinning or doing recovery, the beeps and sounds (Deliverance Hill :wink: are too loud relative to what’s playing. It would be the same for music.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

You should be able to turn down Zwift if you click on the audio controls in Windows. We’ll be adding more functionality that will allow you to control audio as we progress through the beta.

(Brian McEntire) #3

Sounds good about the added controls later in beta, no rush, just wanted to mention it.

The main issue was that Zwift needs it’s own mute or volume control. If the other audio source is on Windows (ie, a Movie, or iTunes) then turning down Zwift by the master Windows volume control also turns down the music or video which isn’t desired.

(Brian Hill) #4

It would be great if the new proposed audio controls allowed you to independently adjust the volume of the ambient sounds in the game from the beeps & warning tones from maintaining gaps and such. Personally when I have music playing in the background the bass in the ambient sounds is too overpowering at the level I like to play my music, so they overlap too much. I do like to still be able to hear the zwift audio cues though, so being able to control them independently would be great.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #5

If you use the mixer in Windows you can selectively reduce volume in Zwift and use full volume for another app.

(Brian McEntire) #6

Ah! Thanks Greg.

(David Kindler) #7

gee, i just started using Zwift and didn’t know there was sound… how do i turn it on? just in the mobile app, or in the pc software?

(Brian McEntire) #8

@David, PC version definitely has sound. Can’t speak for mobile.

(Roderick De Guzman) #9

That would be awesome if Zwift can have its own sound control. I use Spotify to pump music thru the same macbook pro. The island ambient noise doesn’t really go well with my music. :slight_smile: