Need Volume/Mute controls on Mac

(Brian Schwind) #1

Everything is working great so far. My only feedback is the ability to mute and adjust volume of app on Mac.I sometimes play movie or watch YouTube while riding and it is hard to hear it while the Zwift soundtrack is playing along with it.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

It’s coming:

(Brian Hill) #3

YES! Configs look great and should help. Could you explain what “Trainer Effect” will control?

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Trainer effect is probably going to get renamed, but it’s to control how drastic the variable resistance is on a smart trainer. Setting it to “none” would make it feel like a basic trainer, and cranking it all the way up will make a 15% grade really feel like a 15% grade. It doesn’t necessarily affect power output, it’s more about what you’ll feel while riding.

Right now Zwift “Trainer Effect” defaults to 50%, because 15% grade on an indoor trainer isn’t that fun, so we make it feel like 7.5%. Those who want to suffer can crank it up soon.

(Jon Mayfield) #5

The current plan is that we’ll disable the commands we send to the trainer if the slider is set to 0. If that doesn’t feel right there will just be an additional checkbox enabling trainer control or something similar.

(Brian Schwind) #6


(Christopher Pallotta) #7

Jon@Zwift: Love the new config screen. I notice there is only one option for graphics and that’s to control resolution. Will all the graphic “bells and whistles” automatically be enabled with the higher resolutions?

I’m using Mac Pro that runs Zwift great in Ultra mode, but if I don’t modify the config files it only goes to basic setting. I understand being conservative, but the basic setting for that setup is just too low. Am hoping I’ll be able to activate the appropriate graphics with this new config screen without having to edit the files.

(Christopher Pallotta) #8

Oh, and one more comment. I think I and others would appreciate if the “low” setting for sound would actually be “off.”

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #9

Looks great! Can I lobby again for the option of “speed mode” on the Kickr when the slider is at 100%? It would be really great if cadence matched virtual speed more closely. I’m definitely missing the ability to mash over small hills at a constant speed.

(b harris (penvelo)) #10

When is this coming for Mac?  I’m a new member and having volume control would be really great.  I see these comments are a year and half old.  Is this on the short term roadmap?  Can you give us an estimate of when it will get released?  


(Christopher Pallotta) #11

Full volume controls are now available. While running Zwift select menu and then settings.