Need new power supply cord

How do I purchase a new power supply cord for my trainer? I cannot find any way to do this. My dog chewed up my cord and I cannot use my trainer.

Have you considered speaking to the company that makes the trainer?

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Might help if we had more detail about which trainer it is and which part of the power cord.

Many have 2 or 3 pin power cords prior to a transformer.

These are easy to purchase.

The transformer to trainer end less so easy but if you match the output there are generic ones.

But as David suggests…try the manufacturer first.

If it’s a Tacx Neo I’ve got several spare…

Knock off power supplies are often available on eBay.

Or if it’s a removable AC power cord that goes from the wall to the transformer that can probably be purchased by itself

If it’s the DC power cord that goes from the transformer to the trainer, fixing that is a typical activity for a repair cafe. I’ll be at my local repair cafe today fixing things exactly like that for free. Check the repair cafe website to see if there’s one near you, or try asking at the public library - they often know about repair cafes or host them.

It is a Zwift trainer and the cord power block / transformer cord is damaged. It is a 19 v 4.73a block. I ordered a generic and the plug end does not match. Zwift is literally impossible to contact, they don’t answer the phone or respond to emails.

What email address have you used and when did you email them?

Also if the cable has been chewed along the main length and not the connector or very close to the transformer then any competent DIY’er or electronics repair shop should be able to sort it.

Don’t email them, go through the website for support, go through the chatbot and if you keep saying your question hasn’t been answered then it will let you fill in a form to contact support.

Zwift has now responded and is ending a power cord free of charge, even though it’s my fault. Great job Zwift and thank you!


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You are correct, as I was wrong.