Need help with trainer

I have a cycleops trainer with a cassette and I’m wondering can I hook up a speed sensor? And if so how? I don’t have the cash to buy a new trainer and all I can find for speed sensors requires a back wheel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried searching for an answer and I couldn’t find anything.

Please forgive me, but isn’t the Cyclops a power meter? If so, it does not need a speed sensor(?). It knows it’s own RPM if it is a smart trainer.

I couldn’t remember the name of it until know. It’s the cycleops silencer. It’s an older model and it doesn’t have any of that to my knowledge.

The Cycleops Silencer is not a supported trainer on Zwift as covered here:

You’ll be able to hook it up to work using a speed sensor and pair it as “unlisted”. It will work but power accuracy will be way off. A good way to get started on Zwift.


He doesn’t have a rear wheel and that is the issue he is having.


I think your only options are a pedal, crank arm, or crank based power meter or you will need to get a new trainer.

That’s what I figured! Appreciate all the help! Thanks!

Got it. No rear wheel. Yeah new trainer or a power meter. Maybe a used trainer like a Fluid 2?