Need FLAT Course In Innsbruck!!

(Kim Slocum) #1

I mostly use Zwift for structured workouts–so I have some scenery to look at as I ride.  These work far better on flat terrain. The Innsbruck course is lovely, but totally unsuited to my purposes.  Really need something like the Richmond Flat or London Classique if this is going to be viable.

(Jordan Rapp) #2

Hi Kim,

If you create a workout in the workout creator, that will be totally unaffected by terrain. Whether you choose to use ERG mode or not, when you are in a workout, the road grade does not vary.

If you don’t want to make use of the structure of our intervals, you can just create a workout that’s 100% a Free Ride block. The Free Ride block also eliminates the terrain “feel” as well. You can enable terrain gradient in a Free Ride block by editing the workout (.zwo) file, but by default, it will not be enabled. 

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

(Mikael Jonsson) #3

As Jordan says, but be aware that the speed you go is based on the watt, so low watt sections and a climb = very low pace of your avatar… almost as slow as you sitting on your trainer :wink:

(Kim Slocum) #4

My workouts track time, wattage, speed and total in-game mileage,so going slower in the game due to elevation changes does impact performance despite not having an elevation-induced change of resistance on the trainer.  So my request for an actual flat route stands.  An 8 degree slope that extends for a third of mile on a short route like this clearly doesn’t qualify in my book. It slowed my average pace for a 25 mile ride by almost 0.5 mph over what I’d see on a route without such a hill.

   Alternatively, I’d be perfectly happy to join the chorus of folks calling for an end to the course-specific calendar.  If I can pick my own route every day, I can stay in Richmond for all my workouts which solves my problem quite nicely.

(lukas ranicar) #5

Kim you seem to be a bit of a niche, if your on zwift you can train with the best metric power, but who knows what you have going on? I hope you get your course pick choice like loads of people want.  otherwise you always got the U turn!

(S teve Hill (AHDR)) #6

Kim, did you know you can edit the prefs.xml file to lock in the same course every time you ride? I believe this is only on non-Apple TV platforms though.

You can also look here for an app that will do the same thing without you having to edit files:


(Kim Slocum) #7

Weather permitting, I do four outdoor club rides a week (and help to lead three of these).  I use mostly use Zwift for the structured workouts developed by my coach twice a week–obviously more often in the winter.  I’m at level 22 presently and expect to top out on the game by the end of the year at my current pace. I run Zwift from an iPad Pro so editing the program isn’t an option.  What I’d like to see are more routes that look like those that normal club riders do–roughly 50 feet of climb per mile.  I’ve done stuff like the Epic KOM/Radio Tower on Watopia–didn’t enjoy it all that much or find it to be representative of normal cycling.  I do really like Road To Ruins, the London Loop and to a lesser extent the hilly Richmond Loop. All feel considerably more like routes used by most amateur riders.   I do wish there was a route like that for the new Innsbruck course.

(Raoul Schaffner) #8

kim, you can apply the zwift world hack on your ipad pro as well. check out <>.