Need a reset on class

I sent an email about this a few days ago, looking to get reset my last two races must have been out of a calibration, I am not entirely sure I am B class status. Mid C maybe, High D sure, B…Nyah not that hefty.

I raced my last two races on PC, all previous were iPhone XR and there was definitely lag in the elevations. Thanks.


Looking at your data you are a B.

Zwift power use the average of your best 3 races in the last 90 days.


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Yeah but like I believe that’s a Cal error. Look at the last race. The trainer was way more resistant and followed the elevation changes to the half second. When I was using the phone on the first races there was lag. Take away the data from the 20 January race and recompile me.

But on the 15th you were already over C cat limits.


Yeah, I have been fighting calibration, it resets in 90 days based of results, I will just race B class and take the lappings and wait for it to reset based on using a PC as opposed to a phone to run it.
Bottom line is the phone can’t process the data as well as a PC does. I can go back to the phone and race B class, but I am saying I am not in that good of shape leg strength wise to be a B rider.

I will swing back around in 90 days to close this out. Unless you understand what I am trying to say. Worse case just reset me.


Not trying to be snide, not trying to be rude. I just don’t want to write a long paper…I don’t think I am using my words effectively to get my message across… thanks for replying on the forum.

I have recently been bumped up to B Cat … not sure how this happened as NO way am I strong enough to race B … in fact most of the C guys I ride with are stronger than me (I am 61 years old) … :woozy_face:

It has nothing to do with how well you place.
If your average power for your best 3 races or group rides is above 3.2 w/kg then you go to B.


R u using a phone/tablet or a laptop to run Zwift.

I had to really research to find what calibration tool I should use. I have a Saris M2 but use the Rouvy app to cal.

Messed around with tire pressures, I run max on a trainer tire.

And don’t ride to any music that was composed after the 20th century… :slight_smile: my favorite is The Who

Your best 95% of 20 minutes power are 3.22 - 3.21 - 3.19 W/kg, that means you are bottom B.

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Scott I use a laptop and the Tacx utility app for calibration 90 psi on a trainer tyre, ANT + dongle. The Who… good choice, next time I ride I Won’t Get Fooled Again :sweat_smile:

Very much at the bottom if last night’s ride was anything to go by … guess i’ll have to wait till I drop back down to C as too old and knackered to improve much more than I am now :confounded:

Well your problem is different than mine… the only diff I see is tyre pressure. Set it to the sidewall max and run a short FTP. The tire will have a smaller rolling diameter than one that is inflated more, which will turn the trainer more times with each revolution of the crank.

By know means do I know what I am saying will matter , but the physics would not matter, you could turn the flywheel with an electric drill and get the same FTP. To me it’s about turning that flywheel consistently with everyone else in the word. Algorithms tend to be weird with all the uncontrollable variables in the world. Good luck let me l know as I can add that to my notes

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Thanks for the advice … I just did a Crit City ride and it felt like I was losing power. I ran a calibration check and it was too loose (wheel on trainer). Next ride felt better and calibration spot on … never been too sure what TP to run but I’ll follow your advice and try it pumped to the max recommendation.

Need to get back to C cat as pointless trying to ride in B.

Hey Zwift admins,
Reset the guy to C. Like me, he is struggling with trainer set up. If he stomps in C I am sure he will ask to move up

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Just rode Libby Hill After Party and got overtaken by a few Cat D riders. I’m struggling to be a C …

Obviously I got a UPG on Zwift power because apparently I’m too good to be in a C category :thinking:

It would be normal for the top in the lower class to get in front of the next class. Hey check your weight. It is watts per kilograms…make sure that is set proper and your not putting a lb for a kg or vice versa