Nearby riders not showing

(Kris Van den Bergh) #1

Hi Team, is it normal that in Zwift I never get to see any other nearby riders, even when I join other riders? How to get this experience?

(Joe Skorupa) #2

I have the same problem…Why hasn’t this been answered?

(Keith Sherling) #3

Me too - I’m ALL ALONE in richmond!


Also I don’t see me listed in the iOS app rider list when riding alone

(Chris Loveday ZTR (C)) #4

Hi, I was experiencing the same issue since weekend. So tried all the normal things reload app down grade OSX back to last known working version. Even tried loading Zwift on same macbook pro running Windows. no luck. then as I was giving up hope I noticed that the Firewall on my router had been set from low to Mid this must have been blocking something.

Long story short issue was caused but firewall setting Could be something to check…(Router is Virgin smarthub but all routers will have an inbuilt Firewall)

(Keith Sherling) #5

Thanks Chris - that was exactly my problem! Router/Modem firewall was set on High. Switched it to Low/Mid and all solved. Hope this helps others too.

(Joe Skorupa) #6

One day this problem was fixed even though I made no changes…I had serious update problems today that were hung up in an endless loop, but that is not related to this thread.

(Chris Loveday ZTR (C)) #7

Joe your issues all sound like internet issue bandwidth or wifi signal possible??


(Tom Budden) #8

Same problem (no other riders, or maybe 1 or 2) for me, (also on a Virgin smart hub). Internet speed is 50+Mbps, checked Firewall settings and is already set to Low. I recently set it up at my parents (with slower internet) and worked fine with other riders showing.

Anything else I can try?

(John O'Connor) #9

Same here, has anyone resolved? Router Firewall is set to low. PC with Windows Ten.

(Joe Skorupa) #10

After a decent period of good Zwift behavior my last ride turned out to be solo – all alone…And although I clicked to save the ride and post to Strava it did not post…Keep in mind I was riding 2 feet from someone in my basement who was also logged into Zwift on a different computer and she was not riding alone on the screen and it posted to Strava without a hitch…All I can hope for is that the next time (tomorrow) I log on to ride everything will be fine…

(Rodney Fuller) #11

I solved this problem by changing my router settings to “minimum security.” As soon as I hit “save” on the settings I heard the sweet sound of other cyclists around me and saw a whole bunch of other riders. Like magic! What a fun training system when you finally get it to work like it should.