Naming our turbo when multiple in use?

Hey guys - So, my partner and I use two Tacx Neos next to one another. When connecting laptops we have to be careful to remember our numbers to make sure our laptops are connecting with the correct turbos. Would a facility to name each be possible? So our apps associate the turbo code with a name?
‘Ants Turbo’ would make life a lot easier than remembering who 442823 is and who 554238 is

I have the exact same problem you do. When I start, it always wants to use my wife’s sensors even though she’s already riding in zwift.

It would be great if it remembered what I had last time and used that.

Then all i would need is a button ti day i changed my trainer/ bike/ sensors.

If you only connect one set of sensors to one laptop and the other to another, don’t they pair correctly automatically? (Mine do, reliably at least on Windows.)

If that isn’t enough, you could remove the associations you don’t need from knowndevices.xml by removing the line for the device in question. (Or I guess even deleting the file altogether and re-pairing the correct devices would work.)

Thanks both for your replies,

I’ve tried many things so far… no joy yet!

As a stop-gap, perhaps you could clearly mark the numbers for each trainer somewhere visible. This doesn’t technically solve your issue, but at least you wouldn’t have to remember the numbers or hunt for them.