Name lengths

(Graham Lang) #1

I think it would be a good idea to either limit the lengths of usernames that are entered or at least limit the number of characters that are displayed as some of the really long user names are overflowing into the screen area. There aren’t too many long names but more people are now adding various attributes to the end of their user names. This could end up looking very untidy.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

Some have added their trainer type at the end which is only a couple of letters and might be useful for some. I haven’t really noticed a problem with over long names though.

(Francois Coppex [X][Velosophe]) #3

Indeed, I have added my sensor (vector) and FTP which caused an overflow into the screen area. The sensor name was removed such that no overflow remains, but anyway I think the FTP may be an interesting information in case someone else would like to join for a steady ride. At least that is something I’d like to see in order to form groups with a similar level. Unless there are dedicated public fields for e.g. sensor type and/or FTP and/or club name, etc, I guess we’ll see even more various attributes at the end of the user names with the subsequent risk of overflows.

(Rob Toeppner) #4

I saw one rider who added his weight to his name, which was interesting.   Perhaps a small icon for various trainer types, and perhaps a means of displaying your attributes should you choose.

This eliminates the overflow into the name field.