Nakuru maps not loading

Downloaded the new version. However when I select makuri maps it fails to load. Sound only with blue loading screen Zwift not Responding?

What platform are you running on?

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Mine did that on Saturday (meaning I had to ride the MegaPretzel solo as I missed the start of Zwift Insider’s group ride as a result).

Rebooted my machine and everything has been fine ever since, including my first ride in the new world last night.

Hello, Running Windows 10 on a Surface Pro. After 3 attempts at the new map I got annoyed and went up All du Zwift in a PB. After that I opened the new maps again and it opened up ok.

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John Schofield

PPS. Cheers for the PB :+1::trophy:

I am having the same issue. I can connect via Bluetooth, but when it comes to loading the map, I get audio-only. I have tried everything I can think of: rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my PC. I have been on with Zwifts ambassadors and not luck. Any suggestions?