N.P.E. Runn

Oh no…I’m training for NY Marathon. :running_man:t3:

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Ok Enzo…removed all but three of the stickers and the damn thing did not drop once!! So thank you much appreciated


I’ve been using the NPE Runn for about 6 months now - whilst the calibration I find is a little fiddly (and partially caused by my treadmill it would seem), it has always performed consistently well for me, until recently - I am finding more and more often that the run pauses on Zwift - my avatar will come to a halt, the pace / time are paused and appears to be no connection. Typically will come back up again within 5 seconds but it’s really frustrating - I ran a simple 5k today and after the first km it must have dropped out at least twice in each of the following km’s. assume this could be either network, Runn, or device / Zwift - I’m running on a new iPad with latest software, latest version of the Zwift app. any clues for how I can narrow down where the issue is? all help appreciated, thanks!

This often happens if it’s slightly out of line with the stickers. Try moving it slightly in the cradle, particularly up and down.

On one of my rigs I have the cradle on velcro so I can easily remove it and unless I get the cradle placed perfectly I suffer the pausing issue.

That’s really helpful, thanks - probably does make sense that it’s happening when I’ve been messing with it more. Will give that a go!


I’ve had a few connectivity/ dropout / set-up issues. The info from an earlier post about number and measurements between stickers was good. I’ve seen info saying that extra stickers can be used, the distance between can vary, and other thoughts. I think I have 4 stickers now at 18" and it seems ok. I initially had lots of connectivity issues but with an 6 year old laptop running windows 10. I’m currently using a newer one and it works better.

I think initially I may have had too many Bluetooth devices going at the same time. Watch, phone, maybe another phone, treadmill, computer, bike computer, bike power pedals. I did buy an ant+ dongle with extension that I place near the runn device (or bike power pedals, if I’m biking) and that seems to help.Then I try to select ant+ to link with. As I understand it the runn broadcasts Bluetooth all the time and ant+ when you double press the white button. I’m still sorting it out. I think ant+ will connect to multiple devices whereas bt may not… Bt might depend on the version you’re running…next I’m going to try to match Zwift reported mph and distance to treadmill and watch…I do run my watch while Zwifting and it’s saved me several times for importing data to Strava when Zwift goofs up
My 2 cents…

Here’s a curious problem I think. When I connect RUNN using Companion and Bluetooth everything is perfect. But if I connect with Ant+ (Garmin Ant+ dongle with Windows PC) the indicated speed given in the pairing screen is fine but the speed “on the road” while running in Zwift is about 25% high. Any ideas or similar experience?

I’d like to be able to use Ant+ since the setup is simpler and I don’t have to worry about the charge on my phone.


For the Bluetooth connection did you calibrate the speed on the pairing screen by any chance?

I don’t recall ever calibrating from the Zwift side. Possibly I did though. I do remember using the NPE phone app to calibrate. I’ll try calibrating via Zwift.

If you’d calibrated it in game then yes that’ll explain it as despite it being the same device Zwift won’t treat it that way between the two types of connections.

It’ll effectively think the ant+ connection is a totally different device.

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Thanks Stuart. The suggestion to recalibrate is an obvious one but I guess I had a brain check and didn’t try it. Partly what fooled me was that the speed was OK in the pairing screen but not in the game. I guess they must be showing the uncorrected speed in the pairing screen (which is actually a good number since the device is well calibrated natively), but then they show the corrected speed in the game. Anyway it’s all good now, I get the same numbers whether I connect with ANT+ or with Bluetooth. So thanks again.


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You ever find our the problem?

What problem are you having?

No problem ,I’m new to this zwiff stuff.

I ordered the RUNN and it will be delivered this Thursday and I’m researching and getting familiar with others problems in case I encounter them.

May I ask what’s the difference between the ZWIFF app and the ZWIFF companion app ?


If only 3 stickers how far apart ? Thanks