My Zwift Activity 'Load More' Issue (STILL PROBLEM)


On the activity page, when you click LOAD MORE at the bottom of the page it just re-populates the 7 rides that are shown above.  No matter how many times you press Load More you just get more of the same rides again and again…

An earlier post by Tom was closed, but it is still a problem:

 As suggested on the other post, I have tried:

  • logged out of my Zwift profile,

- cleared all cookies related to Zwift

  • restarted the browser

  • logged in again

I have done this on 3 different browsers on Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) - but it makes no difference.  

Please investigate.  



Hi Duke,

This function is still bugged but is currently being worked on.


Cool, glad to hear that Scotty is hard at work!  :)

Thanks Eric