My Wife looked like a dude!

I came up on my wife yesterday (on Zwift) and got a pretty big shock when I looked over and noticed she wasn’t a she, wasn’t wearing a helmet, and didn’t have her green jersey on.  So basically what I saw on my screen in no way matched what she was seeing on her screen.  And the same in reverse.  On her screen, I looked very generic instead of what my Avatar really looks like.

Clearly there was communication with the servers as our speed and position was properly being updated in real time as we could ride together.  

There were under 500 riders at the time so shouldn’t have been a particularly high load. Network connections seemed great for both of us.  Both running windows 10 on our laptops.

Is this by design or a bug.

There is a bug at the moment. Zwift will resolve this in the next update.