My Seven Ways to Improve Zwift

(Jonathan Brostoff) #1

Match the graphics and the altitude better. In some spots, the road dips down while the altitude is a 4% incline.

Have a picture in picture or split screen option. I like the default view but I also like the overhead view to “see” behind me and cover moves.

When starting, have an option to “Join” a rider ahead of that person by 30-60 seconds since you are “cold” and the rider is warmed up.

Have the option to see either all of the riders times or just those on a smart trainer since their times are much slower.

Have an option to set up a private group ride.

Make a little easier to draft.  Right now, it’s a bit tricky to match speeds and draft behind riders. 

7 Allow a “ghost” rider to pace you at a pre-set speed.  

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Jonathan,

Most of these are on our gigantic “to-do” list, so it sounds like we’re in good company! Now if we can only have more time for cool new options and gameplay modes…