My ride disappeared

I just finished a training segment in the build me up workout. All my data was there including my lvl boost and new jerseys. When I logged back in to look at my stats all the data was gone. I know 100% that I clicked save ride. What makes it worse is the countdown on the segment tells me I have 7 hours left to complete it.
At a loss as to what to do.

Hi Harry,

That’s a tough break. It sounds like you encountered what we refer to as a “partial save” and you can read more about partial saves and how to prevent them in our Zwift support article, “My Ride Didn’t Upload: Partial Save…”.

I’m sorry but current technical limitations prevent our support team from restoring any lost XP and ride totals to your account, but there may be some good news. While we can’t restore any lost level boost or jersey(s) that were gained through a level up, if you gained a jersey or other item as a reward for completing a specific event which didn’t properly save, our team may be able to help unlock that jersey for you. If that sounds like your situation, then I encourage you to please submit a support request if you haven’t already done so, and a Zwift team member will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.

Furthermore, if you’re not an Apple TV user, you should have a .fit file saved locally on your device. You can upload the .fit file to any third-party fitness sites you use (e.g. Strava). Information on how to find that file can be found in the article “Can I upload my .fit file/activity to a third-party site?​​​​”. It’s a small silver lining I know, but those third-party connected sites will allow you to at the very least keep some historical record of your activity and efforts.