My registered watts are not corrected

Hi, I have zwift account and I usually ride bicycle with Tacx S smart. I do not know why my watts which are registering while I’m riding bicycle on zwift are not correct. I think it show me to much watts against what I really pedal. Is there any chance to set it up? I’ve already calibrated my Tacx on tax utility application. Thanks for your cooperation.

What sort of number of Watts are being reported by Zwift, and what do you think they should be?

Hi Steve, Thanks for your message. For example this morning I participed on the TdZ Stage 5: Long ride which was 32km with average ramp of 242 meters. I got an average watts of 222.
Taking into account my strava data (when I usually ride this kinds of km and even more average ramp) I got 176 average watts. Also note that this morning I rode almost as fast i could and also in the last couples of weeks I’ve been riding bicycle more than expected. It would be very surprised to reach this data.
Thank you very much for your approach and help