(Mark Williams) #2

No need to shout… :slight_smile:

I get this maybe once in every 5 times I start (I have a Kickr). This is not scientific, but it SEEMS like it happens more often when I wait a while at the initial screen (the one that says “Ride now” or whatever).

I start Zwift all over again - which can be frustrating when I am on my bike, with my Surface on a chair and ready to roll - and that generally does the trick.

(T acoma Cyclist (YouTube)) #3

I’ve had this issue a lot lately.  For some reason, every time I log in, Zwift doesn’t remember my trainer.  You have to go into the trainer search at the top (don’t search for your cadence sensor first - search for your trainer first).  Then, once that’s found, it will load and ride correctly.


(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #4

If you are running a speed/cadence sensor it could be that the magnet on the speed portion isn’t aligned properly.  If you are still having issues, please submit a support ticket and we will get your guy up to speed :slight_smile:

(tim sharp) #5

i have the same problem, using garmin gsc10 ant+ only getting RPM and no power,tried nearly everything!!!

thanks tim


(Konrad Mickiewicz) #6

the same problem as Tim. Help needed


(Joe Royle) #7

Im the same speed cadence, HRyet no


help plse?


(Mark Horsthuis) #8

My man won’t move !!! Using elite turbo muin, have cadence but no power indicated 


Please help

(Patrick Goold) #9

Same Problem as Tim:


Basic rollers: GSC 10, Edge 500 (GPS off) Garmin ANT + Dongle. I am aligned properly and my Edge 500 picks up the readings appropriately. 


The guy sometimes moves a few meters, but then usually stops again and the game goes into pause. 


(Stefan Rosales -#MOJORacing) #10

I have the same issue today. i hooked up my ANT+ sensor along with my Cyclops fluid trainer (no power meter). in the program, my RPMs repond but my guy doesnt move. 

When i had this up last winter training, it tracked my rpms/watts perfectly. Do you know what could be the issue? the only difference is that I tried using my Mac compared to last year i had a Windows laptop?



(Dougie Smythe) #11

My rider avatar also is stuck. NO ERRORS even in the log files, as far as I can tell. The log files are in your ~/Documents/Zwift/Logs folder.

Zwift support hasnt contacted me with a LIVE human yet. And its only been a mere 24 hours.’

I’ve tried everything they recommend. I know that the cadence and sped meters work fine, because with my GARMIN on, it picks up the signals no problem.

Also they seem to PAIR just fine to Zwift. How come then, their signals to the Zwift dongle are not getting picked up?  I have the 12 foot cable and bought the ANT+ chip from Zwift. Everything works on its own EXCEPT Zwift…

And no there are no fans, heaters, microwave ovens or Bluetooth devices within 20 feet of the bike. Just the Zwift dongle, which is about 12 inches from the cadence speed monitor. Again its in good enough shape to transmit to my Garmin on the handlebars, and they work…

I also tested it with a Friends account and the same trainer/bike - everything worked. The only difference is My computer (instead of his), My account (instead of his) and My Dongle/Cable.  

Logically it has to be one of those three things. I could create a new account, but I doubt thats the problem. Its a classic trainer of course ELITE QUOBO FLUID + and a Garmin GSC10 Cadence sensor (which works fine with garmin and with my friends Zwift setup).

Any help whatsoever is appreciated.






(Paul) #12

Is there a way you replace the USB extension cable to see if that is the issue.

(Dougie Smythe) #13



I changed the battery in the GS10 Cadence Sensor ,but the problem still persisted.

Then noticed the unit was ajar and the distance between the Cadence Sensor and the Magnet.

A little repositioning and tightening of the magnet, and then I rebooted everything. (computer, garmin). I then made SURE the cadence sensor was reporting to the Garmin 810 device. When it was showing both speed and cadence, I quickly rebooted Zwift, re-paired, and FINALLY it all worked. I did a short ride YAY!.



–  Dougiee Smythe

(Gwyn Mose) #14

Why is this so difficult to set up? I am not an IT expert. However, I do know how to use a computer. I have the same issue as all above. I select ride and my character just sits there. Then randomly it will start riding for about 5 seconds and stop again. Epic fail on the part of the trainer manufacturers, computer manufacturers, and app developers for not making this easier. I am beyond frustrated and now contemplating returning everything. 

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(Paul) #15


We could assist you in getting setup, but we would need more info.

(Gwyn Mose) #16

I just bought an Elite Qubo Digital Interactive trainer. I downloaded Zwift onto my laptop and my cell phone. I paired the trainer via Bluetooth I think. I also had the ant + dongle in the usb port of the laptop. I wasn’t sure which option to pair with on the pairing screen. Tried different ones. I just don’t know how to troubleshoot this setup. I’ve had the trainer since last weekend. I finally got the character to move but couldn’t begin to tell you what I did differently. Also my cell phone doesn’t show the same information as the laptop. It only displays numerical feedback if that makes sense. It doesn’t show the character. Ideally, I would just use my cell and cast to the TV with chromecast. However, my cell won’t cast the Zwift app. It will cast my pictures and the My E Training app. If you think you can help me based upon this convoluted mess that I’ve just typed I will try again. Otherwise, I am going to return everything. 

Thank you for your help.


(Paul) #17

OK, I think I know how you have it setup.

I think you have Zwift on your PC and the Zwift Mobile Link on your phone. The ZML is different from the Zwift app that is available for your phone. It links to your computer via Wifi and can display all your numbers (watts, speed, HR and more) that you see on your computer and can control your avatar among other things. This setup is used be a lot of Zwifter (including myself) so they can make turns, give Ride Ons, chat and a few other features. If you have a

If you want to just use your phone and display it on your TV I would recommend a HDMI adapter (i.e. for iPhone it would be lightning to HDMI) and directly connect your phone to the TV. 

The Zwift app (to just run Zwift on a phone) is not yet available for Android devices yet.


(Gwyn Mose) #18

Thank you Paul. You’ve given me good information to work on. Right now, I think I’ll go for a walk!

Thank you again!