My make-up schedule for tour de Watopia.

(Pinky Jenny) #1

I have to attend a wedding on sunday, so i wish to complete all my missed stages on saturday. 3 stages. is this little bit tough?

(Stuart Middlecoate) #2

I think you’ve overestimated the time it’ll take for each stage.

(Pinky Jenny) #3

My pedaling power is super low… around 95w~130w. 

(Nigel Doyle) #4

Good luck and eat plenty. Let us know how you got on and actual times.

If it was me I would be having an electrolyte drink and eating something like a banana and or a gel every 60 minutes then something like a couple of jam sandwiches in between. The sandwiches replenishing your sugar and carbs.

I’ve done all 7 stages but am redoing 2 of them tomorrow as I want to improve my times as I did the 2 as recovery rides.

(Clayton Bigsby) #5

Hope you aren’t planning on dancing much on Sunday…:innocent:

(Pinky Jenny) #6

Thank you guys.

I like all zwifters.

Have good day. :heart:  Oops. My FTP number is updated.