My icon doesn’t move

I was connected to trainer last winter and all the sudden my icon didn’t move and I gave up so finished Zwift.
Now I am trying to connect to Zwift and same issue happens again. Blue tooth is connecting looks everything fine, but when I ride on bike, my icon doesn’t move.
I would like to know how to solve problem.
Thank you

You’ll need to give more detail for us to be able to help.

What trainer, what device you are using for Zwift etc…

A picture of the pairing screen?

I have Wahoo kicker core.

I am using I pad, it was no issue last few years, just happen last middle of winter.

Are you using the latest version of Zwift?

Beat me to it Nigel.

Yes, I am using latest version
Everything fine except my avatar doesn’t move even I pedal.

is it just zwift. if you close down zwift completely and use the wahoo app are you getting any power readings?