My first ride on Zwift !? comments questions?

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #1

Pretty cool. I have VirZOOM and really like that I can lean to steer with it. I found it annoying I could not lean to steer?  

I hear VR is coming I hope they include LEAN to steer left and right.

SPEED seemed slower than real life?  however MPH speed reading was higher than actual computer speed reading.  Then LOWER on a hill.  IS this automatically corrected for up and down hill slopes?


Lots of riders can be good and bad - any way to TOGGLE OFF some?  allowing just FRIENDS to appear? or just my country? or just another country?  

Speaking of turning off riders. Any way to see ONLY  “OVER 50” year old riders?  


how di  I FORCE draft? (force it) I did and got an award for 15 seconds?  but I felt it was much longer?   What is the GREEN GLOWING BIKE ?  (ahead of me)

I think that’s it for now - using free trial. 



(Paul Allen) #2

VR might come, but they would need to wait for a workout ready headset.

Your speed is determined by your watts, weight, type of bike, draft and so on. Your speed will change depending on the virtual terrain within Zwift. Let’s say you are going 21mph on the flat. When you hit a hill depending on the grade you might be going 8mph (just an example, different grades will give you different speeds. If you were going down the hill/mountain your speed will increase (I have hit 60mph going down the mountain. Ignore what your computer is telling you the speed is, there is no way for it it know the terrain within Zwift.

You cannot toggle rides on/off within Zwift.

Force draft? Follow another rider or be in a group of riders.

Green glowing bike (there are other colors) is from the Everest challenge.

This might be a good read for you:

Or this: