"MY EVENTS" Filter

I’d like to filter for events I have already registered for (status “going”). When registering for several events in the future, it’s a mess to re-find them out of dozens/hundreds upcoming events. A simple filter “my events” would filter them out so I have a list of only events I did register for earlier. THANK YOU!

Hi @Dietmar_Bachmann, welcome to the Forum.

If you go to the main screen on the companion app you can swipe left on the events TAB and it will show the next upcoming event.

OMG… thank you Gerrie! I’d never come to that one…

At least, this still does not provide the LIST view for “my registered events” that I’m looking for.

Br, Dietmar

Also if you use Zwiftpower.com , you can view a list of your “Signups”.

cool! thank you!! :blush:

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