My Cosmic Cruiser disappeared? [March 26, 2024]

Yesterday PM, I completed the A ride, and won the bike. I then set it as my default bike so I wouldn’t forget today, but today, I’m back to the tron, and the cruiser is nowhere in my inventory. Has this happened to others?

Commonly happens to people logged in to the game on more than one device. Any chance you did that?

I logged in today to check from my laptop, but was already logged out on the tablet that I commonly use for Zwift. I didn’t see it on the laptop, so closed the application, and checked on the tablet, and it wasn’t there either. So, while I did use 2 different devices, I wasn’t logged onto both of them at the same time.

If you contact support they should be able to tell you if they saw overlapping logins. They can also grant you the bike if they want to. Did the ride where you won the bike disappear from your activities?

Hi @Martin_Knutson, welcome to Forums. My name is Juan a Support colleague at Zwift. I’m glad to hear that you participated in The Zwift Big Spin events to unlock great items. I comprehend how surprising it is for you to miss your Zwift Atomic Cruiser from your garage. Thanks for the brief description of your issue.

If you completed the ride and aren’t finding your unlock, please reach out to us. If you have a screenshot of your unlocked prize, it would be great to attach it. We will be delighted to help you.


Thanks. I did send an email to support, but I’ll reach out to the chat as well. I did see that the ride saved a screenshot of the prize being awarded, so I can provide that. It looks like it has captured all my unlocks, that must be by design.

@Juan_Lopez10 I spoke too soon. The link you provided to reach out just lands me with the chatbot, and there is no way to escape to an actual human, and no way to upload my screen shot. I’ll attach the unlock image here, perhaps you can help.

Hi @Martin_Knutson. Thanks for your quick response. I moved toward our support and confirmed that you’ve already opened a support ticket via email, which is being handled by a colleague. They will contact you as soon as they review your case. They will be back to you with the best solution.