My connection drops/ loose riders in race

I am new to racing. This is about my sixth or seventh one today.
Most days my connection keeps getting dropped part way through the ride. This hasn’t happened in the race yet luckily.
I lost the other riders at the beginning of the race. (I see from another thread that this may be to do with my internet connection)
In some races I can see my position, but not in other races.
The race I entered was for 2.0-2.5 w/kg. I was at the top of this range for the whole race, up to 3.2 w/kg, but still only managed to be 94/139! Why is this? Is it because I am a fatty compared to the other riders?
I lost the kit selection that I have been riding with for a few weeks now and went back to the plain orange kit you start out with? Why? This hasn’t happened before.

At the beginning of a ride you ask if I would like to ride with other riders, but you use an obscure comparison that makes it difficult to work out.

Thank you. Steve.

On the internet connection, I work from home and use the internet and cloud services all the time with no issues.

Hi @Stephen_Mackisack, welcome to the forums. This sounds like you were in a group ride, not a race. Finish places are randomized in a group ride, the point is to stay together with the ride leader, not race ahead in front of everyone else.

Signal drops are usually caused by interference from the environment. Try moving things away from your trainer like fans and other devices. Use to analyze your recent log files to find any issues.

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Some events put everyone into a specific kit that you can’t change. Others let you wear what you want. You can change your kit by going into the Garage section of the menu, where you can change your jersey (which affects your shorts too), your socks, helmet and gloves.

The kit that you pick from your Garage shouldn’t get changed unless you’re in one of those events with a forced kit for everyone.

If you tell us more about your setup we can help with the connection drops.

What device are you running Zwift on?
How are you connecting that device to Zwift?

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. I am using an Acer Aspire with an i5 chip and its 64bit with 8GB RAM. I am using a wireless connection with full strength (I’m close to the modem) and I am using the broader 2.4GHz, not the faster 5GHz.

Thanks, never thought I would be worried about my kit colour. Zwift has a lot to answer for…

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I suggest you look at and see if that points you in the right direction

If you are close to the modem/router why not go wired since wireless is susceptible to interference.


how far is ur bike trainer from the device ur connecting it to?

try buying an extension dongle and keeping it as close as possible to ur trainer, ideally <50cm.

it’s bonkers that the trainer providers don’t offer wired connections for something this important (well wahoo does, but they also charge like $100 for the privilege XD)

Zwift still doesn’t support it either so its usless for this program.

Paul, strangely I used to have lots of drop outs when hard wired (apple tv 4k) to my router. This improved no end when I switched to wifi.