My bike works. Wifes doesnt

I have a titanium bike
Wife has a carbon bike
We use the same kickr snap on an apple tv

Her power drops out periodically mine never does. Wahoo support says to ship it in but that means no exercise for however long they have it and since my bike is working perfectly i doubt they will find any trouble.

We use zwift in the exact same spot kn the exact same equipment other than the bike and HR strap. I noticed she develops pretty strong static charges while i do not

Ground her bike frame with an earth strap if you suspect static?


Did you use the Wahoo Utility app to check the firmware?

Firmware was current as of last month.

I bought a pile of straos and gave her one to touch and i put one on her bike. I also took a bare wire and wrapped one side against her chainstay and the other to the kickr with no success.

It occurred to me last night that she uses mobile link and i do not so today i had her disable bluetooth on her iphone. So far this morning no drops so i will update this messqge if that fixes it.

Update. She wasnt generating static today probably because it is a rare rainy day in southern california.