My Apple TV has hung

Here is the SOLUTION.

The issue also happened to me twice — in the exact same circumstances (riding through the banner on the way down Alpe du Zwift).

The first time I unplugged my Apple TV and all I could get from Zwift was a basic record of my mileage in ‘Watopia’ without the benefit of the route badge (Uber Pretzel :rage:).

The second time was today at the end of the long ride of Tour De Zwift Stage 2. This time I decided to keep everything (both my Apple TV and my Companion app) until I find a solution on this forum.

I was happy to find this thread which is filled with countless descriptions of the same issue — however nowhere I could find the answer to the simple question: how can I still save my ride even with the ATV frozen?

After a good cup of coffee, I decided to search internet ‘how to save a ride with the Zwift Companion App?’ and the solution is super simple: PRESS AND HOLD FOR 3 SEC. THE SQUARE BUTTON IN THE COMPANION APP and it will properly save your ride in Zwift, Strava, Garmin etc.

And now you can unplug your Apple TV and have a good coffee :wink:

Zwift support Team — you’re welcome

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The same solution has been posted multiple times in this very thread. e.g. My Apple TV has hung - #16 by Chris_Roberts6 to pick just one of many.

Thanks Steve. I did see the post from Chris_Roberts6, where he mentioned that he saved his ride on the Companion App. What I did not see though – and my apologies if I missed it – was how to specifically proceed with the ‘save’. Fixing the bug once for all should obviously be top priority for Zwift – it’s really disappointing to see their lack of responsiveness here – but I guess most riders posting on this thread are also looking for a work around to save their data and get their badge. While saving from the companion app is pretty simple, I guess I am not the only one who did not know how this could be specifically done, seeing how many posts here are referring to the frustration of losing both their data and a hardly earned badge

It’s certainly good to have the solution clearly explained. I just wanted to point out that it’s not true at all that no-one has posted a solution before.

Since the early days of this bug (to Zwift’s shame, six months ago) it has been pointed out that it is just a graphics crash and Zwift continues running, so you can still descend and carry on riding, just that the graphics remain frozen. So you’ve always been able to save via the button on Zwift Companion. As you correctly point out, a lot of people will be unaware of or at least unused to saving in this way (rather than directly via the Zwift client app).

But if someone wants to climb for a second time? I wanted to do it yesterday and the frozen screen trashed my plans. It’s really frustrating.

Just adding myself to the long list of ATV users affected by this bug - happened in TDZ stage 2 a few days ago. I can’t believe how long it is taking Zwift to address and fix this…really poor.

At last!

Who’s going to the the first to test it??