My ADHD and Zwift - like water and oil

—Warning, this is just a temporary post/rant from an amateur and average rider that experience constant Zwift and TDZ issues, please feel free to respectfully disagree but keep I mind I have tried many times contacting support and different troubleshooting, I have ADHD and I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. Please keep in mind that a neuro atypical person (ADHD) has a very different perception of things, situations and every day life. And for the grammar police, yes I am not a native English speaker.—

I am finding myself constantly frustrated by the amount of issues, bugs and glitches, some of them so critical that prevents me from actually using Zwift. I don’t think Zwift user experience justifies the monthly price. I am just looking forward for winter to end so I can ride outdoors and stop my Zwift account and maybe come back when they have taken two steps back, fix their issues and stop thinking they are the best in the market.

I am on the “unfortunate” side of the community that has experienced many issues with Zwift and Wahoo KICKR. My wife and I own two Kickrs that we can’t use at the same time due to cross contamination connectivity, even if she is using Ant+ and I’m using Bluetooth. We just wanted to ride together as a sports enthusiast couple. Before you ask, yes I have contact support (wahoo and Zwift) and yes I have done countless hours of troubleshooting.

The TDZ is plagued with issues and bugs, just to mention some of them, my wife finished Stage 5 with an amazing time (for us) and when she saved the ride on the iOS companion both apps (iPhone and PC) froze and crashed, then the ride became unavailable and her account has been locked for unknown reasons, the ride was not taken into account and her ride shows as private and it is currently in progress…yes still. Again, yes we contacted support and we sent the email as they told us and now to play the waiting game as many users have experienced issues with this stage.

I have been looking forward for TDZ stage 6 (A), I signed up for today at 11h. I woke up early, had a nice pre-ride breakfast, prepared my equipment, water, bananas, my ADHD mindset, etc, everything we do before a ride. The event starts, I feel good, I try to position myself in a good group, I am surprised “I am number 250 of 895! (Personal best)” then I keep riding “I’m under 210, this is great!” Then kilometre 12 my power drops to 0, HRM issues, my kickr disconnects, the Apple TV and iOS app crash and “let the restart dance begin!”. After several attempts I manage to log in to the ride and I am two laps in and on place 86, how and why? Please see screenshot. Long story short, I tried 3 different scheduled times (11h, 12h and 13h) and it did the same thing.

I have ADHD so focus and intensity have a different meaning to me, I find a personal motivation on gathering achievements and PR’s, I invest myself into the rides to give my personal best and when I am constantly facing basic issues that prevents me from actually doing my ride (that I pay month after month) it becomes extremely demoralising to me because there is nothing I can do to fix it besides getting upset and increasingly frustrated with Zwift.

It bothers me when companies do not acknowledge on time their issues and when they do, they try to spin it towards a positive light, for example “due to an unexpected popularity of our TDZ we are currently experiencing some issues” really? No, its not because of the popularity of the event that you have issues, it is due to your poor programming and failure to expect that more than 500 riders are going to join an event. Another example is Zwiftpower and the crazy queues to process our results back on December 2020 and early January 2021, but we as payers and community needed to wait because of the cold shoulder we got from Zwift as they answered on the forums “as you, we also have vacations”.

I understand that every platform/game can present bugs and issues from time to time, but how can Zwift keep having “basic connectivity” issues? Zwift is a program that needs a trainer, but when Zwift has connectivity issues with the trainer, then what’s the point of even paying for Zwift? Don’t you test your patches before release? You “fix” one thing and break two, are you working together with the trainers manufacturers to actually find a solution? If yes then please reconsider the way you are doing it because it is just not working.

Thank you for reading this as I just want to share my unfortunate Zwift experience with you. I will try (again) to do the TDZ Stage 6 (A) and see if they have fix it. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Albert Einstein, maybe we are all insane, certainly I am.

On the surface, Zwift appears to be a multi-player cycling game/exercise platform. However, after you’ve had more experience with it, you will realize that it is actually a devious psychological experiment to see just how much aggravation people are willing to pay a monthly subscription for.


You are absolutely right. Personally, I find it quite expensive but here I am paying :slight_smile: . Thanks for your reply.