Mutli coloured bike & kit and weird sunglasses?


Has anyone had themselves login and look like this? I logged on today and was dressed like this, had this bike also and also my screen clairty was blurry. It looks like it is doing some retro video mode. I can’t change my kit or bike either and the screen stays blurry (I tried changing the resolution) as I think it is simulating the look through the weird sunnies. It’s almost simulating an old video recorder mode.

Any help? Cheers

April fools!!!


Haha that would definitely be it :rofl: !!!

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My husband has had to stop his workout - he’s really annoyed! If this was April fools, not that funny if you’re getting up early to get a workout in before working from home?!


Kids, talk to your parents about carbon addiction.

April Fool’s Day. 1989 Retro Zwift. Interesting but a bit annoying.Thought it might go away after the ride started, but nope. Looking at the screen like that started to give me a headache after 15min.

When I first booted up Zwift, I thought something was wrong w/my TV. So I checked that the TV was okay. Zwift was still odd. So, I checked if there was an update for my Apple TV and then for the Zwift app. Nope. Then, I remembered it was April Fool’s Day :man_facepalming: Wasted 10min troubleshooting a non-existent problem.

In the days when Zwift is even more important, this has to be the single worst idea they have ever had. I’m really angry about it. Was hoping to do a long ride today. Simply not going to be possible with these awful graphics.


I have a chronic migraine and staring blurry screen too long might trigger it. I’m not going to risk it so I suppose I try RGT today then. I’m bit disappointed since I planned something for Zwift today but I can live with it. There just should be option to opt-out, making this mandatory for everyone is not cool.


Not cool at all Zwift. Agree there needs to be an opt-out for B.S. like this.

I’ll be using your competitors software later today. I doubt I’ll have a better experience, but one never knows.


Agree. Not cool at all.

Ruined the whole thing for me. Couldn’t stand more than 20 minutes of that. So that is a day I don’t ride in the middle of a pandemic.


Kinda funny for the first 5 minutes but you should get an option to change back

Wow. I admit that it took me a moment to catch on to the joke and got a little frustrated for a brief moment when I couldn’t change my bike, but nothing about it hindered my early morning workout. Ok, I didn’t get to ride the bike I had planned to. But seriously, if you let something like that prevent you from completing your work out, you weren’t really committed to the workout to begin with.


I thought it was fun to experience during my workout today. :grinning:


It would be cool to give us the paint job for the steel bike, the jersey and sunglasses as normal choice. The kit looks better than 90% of the kits in my garage :rofl:


The problem is not with the kits, the bikes, or even the Atari style fonts when you received a ride on. It is with the blurring and ghosting of the display. Depending on where you are riding, it is more prevalent than in other areas. Try riding through the volcano with this blurring and ghosting active and see how display is with the lava. Now think about people who have conditions where this affects them. This has nothing to do about being committed to your workout.


When I started my group ride at midday I reverted back to standard Strava Premium kit, although it looked as though bike was retro complete with Brookes saddle. Didn’t notice any blur or poor graphics either

I agree. I was very irritated with this “joke”. The old school kits and bikes are one thing, but making the video quality so poor was a really dumb idea. We pay for this service and buy hardware to try to get good image quality. I felt totally ripped off. Not cool Zwift.

I would have happily taken a retro road bike and colorful kit. This was my 4/1 ride. It irritated me for a bit, until I realized what was going on, and then was amused. I rode past everyone I could with my big yellow basket! :smiley: