Mute Pace Partners

I guess it depends on how many different messages there are, how often the messages repeat, and how often they are refreshed. If you’re riding with the same pace partner every week and they always say the same 10-ish things it’s pretty much impossible for writers to come up with messages that won’t get old. Unless the devs give the bots a bit more AI/functionality to be able to converse with the peloton etc. which could be interesting, but could also go wrong too.

Yeah i was looking at one every 5 or 10 minutes and not the same messages as the other ones.

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1000 or so Pace Partner messages since my last post. Repeating messages every 5 minutes is such a terrible idea and I have no idea why Zwift thinks it is a good idea. If you refuse to do anything, can you at least back the message frequency down to 4 an hour?

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We have other priorities that we’re working on at the moment.

This will likely happen at some time in the future, but not yet. I’ll try and have a look when I have some time.

Thank you James.

These messages are not that bad if they were getting updated more often with relevant comments. Like it is good to hear if say you are more new a reminder about the Zwift Racing League.

Robopacers are a way for Zwift to mention things about changes within game. Robopacers could talk about a coffee stop. They could be set to remind the pack to keep themselves hydrated every 15mins. With the quick moving of AI at the moment you could probably quite easily integrate the ability for people to actually have a conversation with the robopacer.

One thing that did come to my mind about being able to mute someone is there no ability to block someone that would stop you seeing their messages? Got me thinking if someone started to harass you etc then how would you go about not seeing their messages. There is an option to flag or report but not to block.

What could be fun later on is to wind them up, lilke when Genie and Constance get dropped at particular location (the sprint) on the triple flat loops course. Then they respond with something funny or appropriate - obviously that will need some AI built in or a heap of chat-bot work.

We all have a joke about Constance falling back 10+ seconds on that particular section. :wink:

There is AI out there anyway that can run through the scenario of allowing a robopacer to be able to respond in real time to other Zwifters. It would then come up with the solution and probably write the whole code for Zwift to use

I don‘t like the current message setup.

I would like to have three things:

A) Choice what type of message to read (motivation, cycling news, game features/faq)

B) get rid of top right map, if user is using companion app and put in video stream of choice (amazon, netflix, gcn, eric min cycling videos)

C) get rid of top right map, if user is using companion app and put in fan view or other camera like on tv live events.