Multiple Run Calibrations

For users who run in varying gym locations (or varying machines within the same location) it would be handy you could store multiple calibrations and they be selected dependant upon which treadmill you’re running on.

For example in my local gym there are 5 treadmills and each one registers differently if not recalibrated every single time.

If a user could calibrate and give that calibration a name (Local Gym Treadmill #3) for example this would save a lot of time and allow users to post more accurate times. It can be demotivating if you’re running at a particular speed according to the treadmill and Zwift is registering an incorrect time.

Use Stryd would make your life easier.

I do use a Stryd, is there a way to store different calibrations and port them into Zwift? Or is that not required?

You don’t need to calibrate the Stryd at all.