Multiple riders using one pc

(Dale Hurt) #1

I have two computrainers and am wondering if Zwift has any plans to allow multi comutrainer setup to be configured with Zwift software.  I am starting to work with junior riders and it would be nice to be able to ride with them being in same training room.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

In the past I think they have said they don’t have plans for this, but I also have CT units and would like this option.  If they did this it would also open up the possibility of using Zwift in a multi-rider facility, but that might be a bit more complex.  

(Jason K) #3

From what I understand, we don’t have plans to implement this due to technical challenges.

Zwift is a pretty intense game graphically and can support 100’s of people riding simultaneously. Running more than one instance of Zwift on the same computer, or even tracking two players in the same instance of Zwift, would mean tracking each of those 100’s of people multiple times on one computer. As can be imagined, this would likely take some serious computing power.

While we don’t have plans to allow riders to use the same computer, you can still ride in the same room if you have separate computers. It might be worth it to invest in a couple laptops. :slight_smile:

(Nathan Guerra (Vision)) #4

But I already invested in the computing power you speak of in order to run multiple games…no I have to buy laptops.

I think the setup spoken of here is common and merits a multi instance ability on a single computer.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

I would not hold your breath for this feature. While nothing is ever off the table (unless it’s just physically impossible), it will not be happening in the foreseeable future.

It’d definitely be cool but it’d require a LOT of work to put it lightly.

(Cliff Gibson) #6

I’m guessing a VM running the second might work with the ANT+ stick assigned to the specific VM?

(Tom Boden) #7

For what it is worth, if you built this similar to a game server and allowed groups to “run” the server locally it may not be that complex.  Thus, the server would only need to track all the “other” riders once and share that information with each client, the client would then do a little work to compare where everyone else is and display close riders onscreen. 

(Michael McDonagh) #8

I can understand the complexity of having one instance of Zwift managing two trainers, but why can’t Zwift be programmed to simply allow two independent instances of Zwift running simultaneously?  That should not require any re-programming of Zwift (other than whatever prevents multiple instances) since each instance would run independently.  The only question at that point is whether the computer has enough power, but if it does, why not allow it?  I agree, two trainers in one room is a pretty common setup, and for people like me that have a powerful purpose-built computer with multiple monitors, it would be great to use that computer for joint workouts, rather than having to schlep a laptop around as well.

(. . BB ... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) #9

Michael - yes, I am in the same position.  I have a newer high-end single computer, and would love to be able to ride with my son together in a single session.  (Split screen like Mario-cart multiplayer would be fine - although I would even go for multiple monitors if that were supported …)

We did two players once by stealing the wife’s laptop, but that’s not good for my health … !  :-) 

(Tim Eckel) #10

I don’t mind needing two computers to connect to two trainers (computers are cheap).  The problem for me is the projector screen.  It would be nice to allow for multiple riders so the projected display could be shared (like in the case of a large projector).  With a projector, a split screen would even work.

(Kevin Carlson) #11

I dont see why we would need to bother with running multiple apps (that would be inefficient) Why not setup Zwift as a separate studio session. This way we dont have to update hundreds of riders (perhaps once its figured out how to do that later could be an upgrade). However for now I would like my cycling team to use the virtual reality to race against each other in the same studio with the same workouts. 

Ok so how do you show everyone on the screen?
Simply can have a few different modes of display

  1. First Person view like we already have with the rest of the riders in or around of your frame, perhaps zoomed out to the farthest rider in the rear. 

  2. Helecopter view

  3. Course view with stats (much like perfpro). 

Use your iphones/Android apps as well to add some extra visuals as to the location of each rider and seconds behind leader. 

You would need a rider profile area, or perhaps each rider can join into a “Class” Sharing Sensor data (IE Ant+ ID’s) When the instructor signs in to the class mode, all athletes (already using zwift) would show up. This would eliminate the need for the instructor to mess with matching ID’s and all the headaches surrounding this. 

Heck perhaps rather than having the entire world show up, you allow other “Classes” to join in other classes. Thus having a few classes in the race. 

We have seen this use before in other games. 

(Maurizio Gigliotti) #12

zwift superior vs Spivi.

but Spivi offer studio edition and home edition.

Why not zwift ?

(Kerry Cassady) #13

Would really love a multi-user feature.  My husband & I train together & have a TV set up in front of our bikes for indoor training.  Would love to be able to run Zwift on one of our Macs and push the output to our AppleTV instead of having to run it separately on two Macs & putting them in front of us.

(Amy YetiBeti) #14

So any updates with this thread? Just spent $1500+ to upgrade our home training studio with new kicker trainers and 55" ULtra HDTV. It’s my partner + myself and what I’m understanding from above is we can’t ride together…sure wish I’d read this first…please advise.

(Chad McNeese, ODZ) #15

Amy, here is an option if you run on PC.