Multiple riders spawning onto me during ToW

Today during my tour of Watopia ride, I had riders spawning onto me pretty much the whole ride and it was very disturbing. I almost quit.

Here’s a short video clip I made to show it…

I’m guessing maybe they were late joins and I was randomly selected or at just the ‘wrong’ position? Or maybe my name was randomly at the top of “ride with” for about half a hour? Either way, I didn’t like it.

Could this be modified so that one person does not get continually swamped like this? It really spoilt my experience today.

Not sure what went on, but fwiw I don’t think the Ride With function works when someone is in an event. Meaning that I don’t think you even show up on the list. So this would have been something else. Strange though.

I don’t think it’s a bug. Think it’s just that they were spawned near you. Happened to me yesterday on the running version of the tour. 3 people who late joined.

From your video i don’t see anything abnormal.

3 would be ok. This was happening all the way round my ride and they didn’t just spawn near me, they were linked to me (like when you start a pace partner ride), as you see in the video.

I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bug. I’m saying I don’t know why it happened and it spoiled my ride.

As Tom says though, why would they spawn near me during an event?