Multiple Ride-on feature stopped working

(Ryan Spicer) #1

Recently switched to Apple TV 4K for Zwift.  Multiple ride-on feature in ZC no longer works when tapping my icon.  Am using HR monitor and Tacx Flow over BT with Apple TV 4k.

(Andrew Jarrod) #2

I didn’t even know there was a “multiple Ride On” feature.  I have been away for a while…  Where is this found please.

(Ryan Spicer) #3

Tap your icon in Zwift Companion app while in map view.

(Ryan Spicer) #4–How-to-give-multiple-Ride-Ons-at-once?mobile_site=true

(Andrew Jarrod) #5

Thankyou.  I’d have never worked that out !!

(Clayton Bigsby) #6

I’ve tried it in group social rides and have never seen or heard any evidence of them having actually gone out…

How do you know if they did?

Individual ones seem to be easy to hear though I’ve never actually SEEN the icon pop up over the targeted rider.

(Steven D) #7

Hi Ryan,

I checked and I don’t any known issues where Zwift members have reported problems with the Multiple Ride-Ons feature on the Zwift Companion. 

So that we can investigate this matter, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further assist you.  

To aid in our team’s troubleshooting efforts, it would be helpful if you could please include photos and video of your screen on the Apple TV, showing where the multiple “Ride Ons!” do not work correctly. Attach the photos and/or video to your ticket and we’ll get back to you.