Multiplayer mode and sound kill switch.

(Christopher Pallotta) #1

I’m sure I’m not the first to think/mention this, but a mulitplayer mode would be great. I’m not much of a gamer guy, but we do have a Playstation and I’m envisioning something that works similarly. For example, with the Playstation, you can have two people play each other at the same time, each with their own controller and view in split-screen.

It would be great if I could do the same in Zwift when I had a friend over or wanted to ride at the same time as my wife. You’d need two (or more) trainers obviously, each with their own power/speed sensors and Zwift would allow you to set up each as an individual rider. Each rider could have his own view in split-screen.

This might work well for online players as well. Select another player and put his view/data next to yours in split screen. A good way to race or ride with someone specific.

One more thing, please give users a way to modify the sound settings within the app. Again, has been mentioned by others, but I want to add my vote to the list. Playing music from the same machine running Zwift sounds doesn’t sound great.

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #2

Sound control would be nice in game but (at least in PCs) you can use the mixer to control Zwift volume separately. +1 on multiplayer mode.

(. Ed..) #3

I agree with the poster that a multiplayer mode would be really nice.

I see lots of posts of people training with their spouses or children.

This is a common feature of many other games.  Split screen first person view would be amazing.

It would really add another level of competition and fun on Zwift.

(Mike Moyers TruTriSports) #4

Just logging on to suggest multiplayer mode and found this. My daughter and I both ride trainers together, but one of us has to Zwift on a laptop and the other gets the big screen. It would be awesome to be able to use the same PC and split-screen the display.