Multi rider support and corresponding plan

It would be awesome for you to offer multi rider support for the same log in via a family or group plan of some sort. I have a Computrainer. Have it hooked up to Zwift and it works fine but my SO who typically rides with me is unable to ride unless we bring up a SECOND computer with a different account so he can ride too. I haven’t purchased the second account because I’m not sure Zwift is for me given the many limitations. A big one is PRIVACY. I can’t hide my personally identifying details from others.

Computrainer software was buggy and didn’t offer much in the way of interactive technology. That said, they DID offer the capability to do multi-rider and keep details hidden. PLEASE consider this. I know there are MANY people who would pay an additional fee for this capability.

A couple of comments:

What do you mean by ‘can’t hide my personally identifying details from others’? I see a number of riders with Private profiles, and also see a number of profiles where age and weight don’t show up. What is it that you want to not be known?

Second, while the option for a family or group plan has been a request for quite some time, if you want to actually ride at the same time as your SO you would have to have a second computer, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV (plus something to connect it to) even with a family account, so I’m not really sure what your ask is here, outside of the family account request that has appeared in numerous other threads. Can you elaborate? Are you expecting that you would both be able to log into the same device and ride on the same screen, or something else?

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Make sure you vote up the existing request for Family and Child Plan

And you can very easily make your profile private on Zwift.

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Racermate Multi-Rider was designed to allow multiple riders to utilize one computer. Zwift does not function in that way.

There are options available (Ergvideo) that will let you ride together on one computer.


As zwift seem to be ignoring this go to BigRINGVR you can have joint account on a single subscription. 2 profiles separate Strava syncs, all for $54 for 6 months.
Video cycling in real places with workouts too. I was a Zwift original member and switched due to it getting expensive particularly as my wife wanted to ride too.

Come on Zwift get it sorted and win some people back