MTB Race - Winter and Spring Plans

(Marco Bertolino 3584) #1

Hi, I want to do some mtb race (xc and Granfondo of 3hour duration) between march and october. I would like to be a top in june and july.
What kind of training program can I select?

I thought Gravel Grinder during the months of December January and February and 8Wk Race Day prep up to the competitive season.
Can you may recommend other combinations of workouts?

(Raphael S) #2


Je me pose la même question que vous

Il serait intéressant d’avoir un plan pour le VTT




(Deven Collins) #3

The Gravel Grinder and 8Wk Race Day are great training plans to get you in peak performance. You may also want to work our Gran Fondo plan into the mix, after all it was designed specifically to prepare riders for the Fondo.

If you were looking for something a little more intense check out the Crit Crusher plan. Just keep in mind that you can only select one plan at a time. 


Ride On! 

(Marco Bertolino 3584) #4

I need 12/15 weeks of building condition and 7/8 week of pre/race workouts.

What kind of training program can I select?