MTB Events?

Unless I am missing something there is a grand total of one MTB event - an all womens MTB race (I’m not a woman). With some googling I have seen evidence of some short lived MTB group rides in the past. Joined for the racing/group rides, don’t really need the workout plans. Am I missing anything or should I save my money? I can’t hang in the road races with my 12 speed MTB and won’t be buying a different rig as I don’t ride roads.

Apparently there’s a new MTB event when transitioning from Makuri to NeoKyo.

BCBR do weekly events, Thursday 18:00 gmt and one early Friday morning. They have a social ride on Mondays 15:00 gmt (I think). Have also seen a gravel ride as well.
Wednesday 18:30 gmt is ZHCC gravel rash.
Agree would like to see more.

Please join me on a Thursday for SZR Bumps and Grinds at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET, the pace will be roughly 2.2 to 2.5w/kg.

And basically, it is as it says on the tin!
Riding the gravel routes of Watopia and The Makuri Islands.

Suggested bike changes depending upon the route, see ride description.

Would love it but that’s middle of my work day here in North Carolina/USA. Will keep looking for more events, thanks for the invite!

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