Mr paul Williams

(Paul Williams) #1

I’m just trying out your swift ap. “Trial period” and today was only my second ride. But I noticed that there didn’t seem to be the same resistance when I was climbing up hills ?
What am I doing wrong please ? The bike was set up just the same ? But up the hills it didn’t get harder ?

Kind regards
Paul Williams

(Paul Allen) #2

A run down of your setup would help use in determining your issue.

Did you pair the trainer as controllable?

What do you have the difficulty set to?

(Paul Williams) #3

I’m not sure ? I’ve never actually “ set up “ anything I’ve just connected with blue tooth and that’s it ?
Please tell me what I should do ?
When I put swift on it just puts me straight amongst riding ? I would love to know how to set it up ? I just want to ride and feel the resistance etc etc

(Paul Allen) #4

What trainer are you using (not all trainers are controllable)?

What is your trainer difficulty slider set to in the settings menu? 

A pic of your pairing screen could be helpful.

(Paul Williams) #5

I’m using a tacx smart trainer. Il

(Paul Williams) #6

Are you saying I should have it on controllable ?
How do I get into my settings ?

(Paul Williams) #7

How can I send you a picture of my settings ?

(Paul Allen) #8

You would pair it as controllable on the pairing screen.

Make sure the trainer difficulty slider is not set to OFF: