Moving Time vs Elapsed Time

Hi, Really enjoyed the update today going around the Island Counter Clockwise. Had one small problem . I rode 35 laps today took a break at lap 22 for a PBJ sandwich and glass of milk about 20 minutes. Had Zwift paused with screen wanting me to discard or Save upload Strava . While I ate my sandwich . When got back on my bike and finished the ride it looks like Zwift/Strava did not account for the 20 minute pause . I think my moving time should have bee less than 6 hrs , Strava has it as 6:18 hrs .

I had my first small ride today and noticed this too.

Here is the screenshot: (I hope I can post URL here, it’s my domain and I just know it won’t die).

The total minutes doesn’t match vs activity minutes.

This also raises the question how the average power is counted. Does it includes zeros? Though it seems fine I guess, I did really easy ride.

Actually it maybe seems logical in my case. Total minutes is displayed only moving time, and activity has all minutes (including not moving).