Moving my topics

So I’ve seen that someone keeps moving my topics and the reason I was wanting them separate is so people don’t have to scroll down forever to find one. I just have all these ideas that I hope could come true.


I would suggest the frequency of your posts along with the fact you then reply to your own posts several times is making it a little overwhelming.

We are all in for improving the experience but your scatter gun approach means any potential suggestion gets lost.

You’ve posted 129 times & created 21 threads, nearly all of which are about course creations or new ideas.

Keep them all in one topic rather than creating several new threads.
Alternatively look for threads that have already been created as most of what you have suggested has already been covered.

The reality is that Zwift will have its own route map planned out and i can’t really think that they’ve ever commented on a suggestion here.


As Stuart says - let’s keep all route suggestions together in one thread, that way folk can find it and add their own comments and ideas.


As far as I know, the only time a user-suggested route has been added is when “rebel routes” using existing roads were added. All the discussion about new routes seems pointless to me. It has little to no effect on what gets created. I quickly adjusted my expectations about my beautiful ideas and stopped making most suggestions because they are never acknowledged or acted upon.


Hi @Kirk_Schroeder

Shuji at Zwift HQ. I’m the forum admin. Please listen to the wisdom of the forum regulars.

We welcome your enthusiasm but creating a ton of new topics about related ideas actually makes it hard for the rest of us to follow your train of thought. The volunteer moderator team and I are charged with keeping this high-traffic forum a little less entropic, so posts will be merged / split / organized in a way that makes sense to us and hopefully to most of the community that’s here on a daily basis. Thanks for understanding.


Ok, thanks!