Moving current user to new computer - manual file transfer needed?

(Susan Downing) #1

Sorry, can’t find this in existing threads.  I just got a new computer.  What files do I need to move from my old one to the new one?  Eg I’ve created custom workouts.  Are these attached to my profile through zwift (new install will transfer them), or do I need to move them manually?  Anything else?

(Matt Canna) #2

Really you only need to move workouts you created.

Go to your documents folder

copy the zwift workouts via usb stick 

install zwift on the new computer

paste the zwift workouts from the usb stick into the zwift workouts folder.

You might want to copy prefs file but i dont recommend it.

(. TomH..) #3

Hi Susan, Hi Matt,

Matt are you working for Zwift? :slight_smile: Your answer is spot on! We don’t recommend copying the prefs file as it might cause some problems and you are 100% correct about the workout.

So that was the answer Susan :slight_smile:

Ride On! 


(Susan Downing) #4

Thanks folks.

I didn’t intentionaly copy preferences, but just grabbed everything in the workouts folder.  Noticed with my 1st ride on new computer that my avatar was moving erratically, surging forward, dropping back, repeatedly.  It was annoying to watch.  

Is this due to accidentally snagging the preference file?  Or is this just what Zwift looks like at the highest resolution setting?

(Matt Canna) #5

It is most likely the resolution setting.  Delete the pref file.  What is happening your resolution is set higher that what your computer can handle.

Also its probally in power saver mode.


Just delete the pref file you have currently, login and allow the computer to dictate the settings.  A new pref file will created.

(Matt Canna) #6

TOM can i work for zwift LOL