Movember hours not registering

Hi All,
I’m on hour 5 of Movember but it tells me I’ve only ridden one hour. Anyone else having this issue?

Yes, first ride registered but no more.

Do we get to keep the Kit?

I received a reply from the zwift team stating that they cannot update in-game progress with movember, but continue to track it internally, so the hours should count. In-game, I am now at 25%. In real time I’m at over 50%.

I have finished the Movember challenge was informed in game that I had completed and had an E-mail to say I had unlocked the kit but when going to the garage the shirt has now disappeared.

Same for me. I’m at 75% in real time but only 50% in game time.

Yep I’ve ridden about 7 hrs and only registering 3hrs, just finished a ride 1hr 10mins about 15 minutes ago and again didn’t register??? I’m going to do another 3hrs and at least I know I’ve accomplished the target. Come on Zwift what’s going on???

Yes, same problem here. It was real glitchy last night. App froze a couple of times during the ride and I couldn’t see the names of the other riders. When I got done I got no credit for my time towards the event.

+1… my I’ve rode around 8 hours this month and it shows only 2.9