Moved to a kickr

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #1

So I first started on zwift over a year ago on  dumb Lemond trainer. Whichis a great trainer. 


I was disappointed with the calibration. Zwift admitted it was a 15% off when compared to the powercurves available on line for lemond.

My solution was to cancel, until I could really enjoy the benefits of Zwift. Like riding with friends. I just couldn’t keep up on my lemond.

So I order the new wattbox but sat on back order for 15 months until I canceled last week. 

So my ride on the wahoo kickr, confirms the discrepancy with the lemond watt calculation, and I have set PRs tho I am still getting back into riding. 

A great purchase as Zwift is a great program. So forget the 15% difference. The real issue is not the inacurate calibration, but the zwift solution. 

With a dumb trainer, you are forced to generate imaginary watts, so as to allow some a simulated climb. I totally get it.

However. Its a hell of a lot easier pushing 400 watts for a few minutes on the kickr, than it is on a flat ride with zpower. 28+ mph to simulate a 7 mph climb up 6% grade, is way harder than riding 400+ watts on a kickr at 7 mph. The heart rate alone is a killer. 

So this is feedback. zpower may simulate power, but it doesn’t equate to those watts on a kickr.  At least for someone who is 220 pounds. The effort needed is not the same. The HR pressure is well above that on the smart power trainer. I’d seen plenty of zpowers heading up that mountain on an electric bike. 

But its good to be back in the system.