Move Watopia EPIC KOM to the T-section to the radio tower

(Pieter-Jan Driessen) #1


When doing the Watopia Mountain route, you never get to the KOM checkpoint if you stay on the route as you take a right up to the radio tower. The only way to get to it is to ride for another 400 metres more, then you have to make a U-turn, go back and go up to the Radio Tower if you want to.

I would suggest you put the Finish line of the Epic KOM right at the T-section where you can go up to the Radio Tower. Then whatever you do, you always do the EPIC KOM. 

And definitely add a seperate KOM section for the Radio Tower climb section.

Nothing beats seeing your split time!


THANKS and keep up the great work

(Vincent W.) #2

Hmm that’s very interesting! I’ll log this and discuss it with the team on our side. There are definitely a lot of suggestions for a Radio Tower KOM. :)