Mountain Top race finish

How about a mountain top race finish? The advantage will be towards a lighter rider but all the hard work on the climbs and then to be caught on the flats can be sometimes demoralising. Would be good to have a different variation on a finish to support the lighter riders considering all races finish on a flat. 

Being on the light-ish side (69kg/ FTP 264w) i just can’t mix it with the big heavier engines on the flat. A summit finish would certainly change the dynamics of a race.

I agree, great idea

I have asked for this before. Hopefully zwift will get on it.

I know that race organizers had to tools to do mountain top finish events. At one point that functionality was removed but I think that it is possible again.

The current problem is not only a matter of weight, but also of aspiration. A light guy in front of a heavy guy could handle a race end that would come down, but the problem appears when behind it is a series of guys who are speeding up without pedalling, and in an unrealistic way.