Mountain Loop & Mountain Loop CCW

Sometimes you just want to do climbs… lots of them.

I’d like to see a couple of additional routes… pending you actually building more climbs (please! )

A Mountain Loop and Mountain Loop CCW, which would take you up the other side of the Epic climb.

So starting as normal then diverting to the start of the Epic KOM climb the shortest way depending on CW or CCW. Then the climb, and after the descent a bit of island hopping to the start of the climb and back up again. Rinse and repeat.

Ideally I’d do it to exclude the tower climb, just the core Epic climb & descent.



I do a few of those, it is fairly easy to turn around using the mobile link or keyboard.

True, but it’s also easy for a sweaty finger to miss the turn, especially if reaching over to a keyboard.

The advantage of a set loop structure though is that it could be set as a timed loop the same as the hilly loop or volcano circuit. Would give live times and also your 30day times. Better for structured training.