Mountain Biking



I am considering Zswift for mountain bike training. I currently use rollers and Garmin speed and cadence sensors. Could someone tell me if there is an XC plan or anything mountain biking?

Aside from something fresh to look at, an XC option wouldn’t add much to things for you- you don’t steer in Zwift and there’s no bike handling aspect.

That said, Zwift would still be useful for you- it’s a decent training tool if for no other reason than it’s easier to get the miles in when you’re not staring at a garage wall. I’m  mostly an MTB and cyclocross rider and have found fitness in those areas (hill climbs, intervals) carries over into Zwift well and I can add to those strengths with some of the interval training sessions built I  and also increase in other areas with other more traditional “roadie” type training.

Check your kit is compatible before you dive in: